Contact Andrew:

Phone:  281-991-9700


My name is Andrew Birky. I grew up in Kouts, IN and moved to Houston for work after graduating from Purdue University. Boiler up! I currently work at Odyssey Space Research as well as part-time at Clearpoint. When I’m not working, I spend my time working out, playing volleyball or guitar, and hanging out with whoever’s free. Also, I’m a huge college football/basketball fan, so I keep up with that as much as I can. 


How Long have you served on Staff at Clearpoint Church?

I have served on the Clearpoint Church staff since September 2018 (but kinda since February 2018)!


What’s Your Role? 

My role on staff is mainly to organize the worship team so Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights run smoothly. I also help organize our worship nights and special worship events in the community. However, I believe my actual role is creating a space for our worship team and congregation to encounter God through worship. All the administrative work needs to happen, but my real role is helping create a space for others to encounter God through worship. Thank goodness this is not something I have to tackle on my own. Every single person on our team plays a huge part in creating that culture. Their commitment and creativity and heart for worshipping God are incredible and I’m extremely grateful for each one of them.


What’s Your Goal?

My vision for the worship ministry at Clearpoint is relatively simple; our church family worshipping God because He is worthy. That vision encompasses so many different ideas though! We are starting to understand that worship is more than singing songs; it’s a lifestyle! And so my vision is really that our church family would lead lives characterized by worship. Along with that vision, some of my goals for the worship ministry are listed below.  


  1.  That our church family would fight for unity, for each other

  2.  That our worship would be a spiritual encounter with God, not just an emotional       experience

   3.  To create a diverse and sustainable worship team

   4.  To bring new members into our culture of worship and empower them to lead

   5.  To use worship to unify the larger church body in our community