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Contact Brenda:

Phone:  281-991-9700


I have served at Clearpoint since 1989 when Clearpoint began.  My life is full of joy because of my children, Misty and husband, Larry, and T.R. and wife Betsy.  The family has blessed me with two grandchildren, Keaton and Kenna Mayfield.  They are a Christian family that has grown in God's Spirit with every passing year.  After losing my husband, Terry, my Clearpoint family is so close and dear to my heart.  I love to travel, be with people, entertain and always love to add a "little" shopping! 



1.  How Long have you served on Staff at Clearpoint Church? 

Serving at Clearpoint has been a huge part of my life since the beginning of the church in 1989.  From then to the present I have served in various ways:  on Staff, as a Trustee, as a Life Group Leader, and as a Women's Bible Teacher.


2.  What’s Your Role?  

I currently serve as Business Manager, overseeing the Maintenance of Facility, Financials, Budget and Personnel.  I work alongside the Pastor to assist him in every aspect of ministry, facilitate events and coordinate teams as needed. 


Leading a Women's Bible and Study Group is such a blessing as we mentor others. Learning the Word of God is a vital part of a Christian's life.  Others are learning to lead as well, and growing in faith.



3.  What’s Your Goal?


My ministry vision is to allow people to know they can be transparent and be in a safe environment.  Leading people to Christ and mentoring is a blessing as it gives me the opportunity to see people grow in their faith.  My hope is that all people come to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior.  Any small part I can have in it is truly a blessing.


In the financial realm, it is truly about the work of the Lord and doing ministry here in Pasadena, TX. and beyond, and leading people to know that giving generously to the Lord is blessed by Him.  All things are in His control, we only have to Let Go and Let God!

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