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About Clearpoint kids 

In Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the children come to me… the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”  Capturing an open heart and mind for Jesus in childhood increases the chances of a person dedicating their entire life to an intimate relationship with God.  Children naturally live in a world of discovery, learning, and wonder.  We are passionate about using this time of their lives to introduce children to God and help them become devoted disciples of Jesus by laying a strong foundation for spiritual growth and a relationship with God throughout their life.

At Age Appropriate Time we Help Kids:

  1. Discover who God is

  2. Learn God’s Word, understand Biblical truths, and apply Biblical lessons to their life

  3. Understand why we need a relationship with Jesus and how to have one

  4. Instill faith skills and Godly character as they grow in their relationship with God

Our Goal is to Achieve this through:

  1. Relationships: We provide a place for children to build relationships with small group leaders and peers by having consistent, age divided small groups.

  2. Environment: We create environments that are engaging for children of varying ages and learning styles.  We use a curriculum that is designed to be exciting and relevant for children to learn God’s Word on their level.

  3. Application: We use activities, games, and prayer times that will help children make Bible stories, lessons, and memory verses personal so they can apply them to daily life.

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