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Fasting Devotional – Day Sixteen

Text: II Kings 15:1-7 Written by: Todd Houston


As we start to read 2 Kings 15, we see Uzziah is named King of Judah at age 16. I immediately reflect on the idea of one of our four sons taking on that responsibility at such a young age. Maybe Uzziah was confident having seen his dad in action or in his training having known he would be King after his dad, Amaziah; or maybe he was nervous since his dad had been assassinated. That part is not revealed in the scriptures but what we can see was that he followed in his father's footsteps as one that was pleasing in the Lord's sight.

So, what would that look like to be pleasing to God? Based on other parts of the Bible I see that meaning Uzziah personally obeyed God's commands, he acknowledged God as in control, and he worshiped the Lord as the one true God. Unfortunately, the next word indicates that Uzziah fell short of God's ultimate plan because the next phrase starts with the conjunction BUT. Uzziah was pleased with God, BUT he did not destroy the pagan shrines which allowed the people of Judah to continue with divided worship. Don't let this conjunction be in the middle of your eulogy that you served God with your talents, BUT you never talked to your neighbor about Jesus.


Make it your goal to be an AND person. Be that person that was known for loving God's Word AND encouraging others to follow Him. Be the one that leaves no hint of impurity in your life, in your family, or to tempt those around you. It is your story, your testimony; so, with God's help let your ultimate declaration be to have God say, "Well done good AND faithful servant."


Lord, I pray that I will be one that follows you wholeheartedly. That I lead those in my family and those around me to worship you, and you alone. May I be willing to come alongside others and show them how to live for Christ while demonstrating what it means to die to self and forsake all worldly idols. Help me to be an AND person to accomplish your plan! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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