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Fasting Devotional – Day Ten Text: I Kings 12:1-33; 13:1-34 Written by: Ryan Clay


In today’s passage, we see a few examples of disobedience to God’s word. After Jeroboam becomes king of the northern kingdom, he makes idols for the Israelites and completely abandons the way God has commanded his people to worship Him. Remember that God even told Jeroboam (in chapter 11) that if he followed God’s commands and walked in obedience, he would rule over all that his heart desired. Jeroboam instead put his own fear and selfishness above God’s word. Then, we see the man of God come to Bethel and prophesy at the altar. God tears down the altar, warning Jeroboam to turn from his evil ways, but Jeroboam refuses. As the man of God is returning to Judah, he eats and drinks with another prophet in his home, despite God explicitly commanding him not to do this.

God speaks to us too. It may not look like it did in the Old Testament, but He speaks through scripture, circumstances in our lives, other people, desires in our hearts, and more. And just like we see in this passage, we too can fall short and disobey God’s commands. Areas of sin, fear, unforgiveness, pride, traditions, ways of thought, and other “high places” in our hearts will only separate us from God and prevent us from worshiping Him the way He intended.


Let’s be intentional during this time of prayer and fasting to think about the high places in our lives that get in the way of fully devoting ourselves to God.


Heavenly Father, you are worthy of all our worship. Thank you for what you have shown us in today’s passage. Help us to clearly see the high places in our hearts that are holding us back from the worship that you have designed us for. Thank you that, even when we are unfaithful and turn away from you, you remain faithful, you still love us and long for us to repent and come back to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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