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Fasting Devotional – Day Twenty-One Text: II Kings 22:1-23:1-25

Written by: Heather Lambert


Throughout the books of Kings, each new ruler is introduced with a summary of their reign. In II Kings 22, we are introduced to Josiah who began his reign at the age of 8 and reigned for 31 years. His summary is found in chapter 22 vs 2, saying “He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord and walked in all the way of David his father, and he did not turn aside to the right or to the left.” As we reflect on the testimony of Josiah, it would be a good practice to reflect upon our own testimony. If our lives were summed up in a few quick sentences, what would be said of us? This should create a moment of quiet reflection in our hearts.

As followers of Christ, we should earnestly desire to have a testimony like that of Josiah. But how can we build that reputation and influence? Let’s reflect on what Josiah did:

· He prioritized worship and the care of the house of the Lord. (22:9)

· He entrusted and empowered others. (22:7)

· He truly believed the word of the Lord. (22: 13, 23:1)

· He was humble, submitting to the authority of God. (22:19, 23:3)

· He tore down ALL the high places (23:4-20,24)

· He kept God’s commandments and laws (23:21,22)

· He followed the Lord with all his heart, soul, and might. (23:25)


What a testimony! What a challenge! How can we, too, build a legacy that pleases the King of all Kings?

We can follow Josiah’s example.

How do we prioritize worship and the care of the house of the Lord?

· Do we spend time with Him and other believers, daily?

· Do we proclaim His truth and abide in His ways?

· Do we care about the people and things He cares about? Do we love His church (the saints)?

How do we entrust and empower others?

· Do we submit ourselves to mentorship, learning, and following those who have gone before, who have demonstrated their faithfulness?

· Do we empower others through mentorship, encouragement, and accountability?

Do we truly believe the word of God?

· What decisions are impacted by our faith in the truthfulness of his words?

· Do we hold on to worry and fear? Can we trust His goodness?

· Do we hold on to pain and shame? Can we trust His justice and forgiveness?

Are we humble and submissive to the authority of God?

· Do we release “our way” choosing to believe His way is better?

· Do we confess our sins to Him and to one another for accountability?

· Do we daily come into His presence to ensure our submission to His authority?

Do we tear down the high places?

· What separates us from living the life God called us to?

· Can we destroy those stumbling blocks?

· What do we really worship? Not sure, consider how you spend your time, money, and energy. Reflect on your calendar, bank account, and passions. What matters most to you?

· Do you need to re-adjust your priorities to ensure the King comes first?

Do we keep the commandments and the law?

· Do we hide His Word in our hearts?

· Are we faithful and obedient to learn and grow in His ways?

· Do we avoid making excuses for our behavior and choices that miss God’s mark?

· Do we follow the Lord with all our heart, soul, and might?

· Is He the first thought in the morning and the final thought at night?

· Do we walk in reckless abandon, fully surrendered to Him?

· Are His passions our passions and do our lives show it?


Father, show me the truth as I examine each area of my life. Help me align my character, my life, with your truth so that I am walking in your ways faithfully. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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