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Every person has a innate desire to make a difference in the world in which they live.  At Clearpoint Church, we believe that is a God-given desire and our passion is to equip and empower every member for the mission they were created for; for the impact they were destined to make on their world.  


We believe you were made for the mission of Christ!  Yes, the same mission given to the early disciples continues to be the mission of the church today.  It is a life-long, world-changing mission!  


Join us Sunday evenings September 13th, 20th, & 27th as we Equip for Impact with our FOR A MISSION strategy:

Our focus will be to:  

1.  Verify the Missional Calling of the Church

2.  Clarify the Great Commandment & Great Commission of Jesus

3.  Specify Missional Barriers to the effectiveness of Kingdom Mission

4.  Identify Missional Context and Practice  

5.  Simplify Gospel Presentation

You were MADE FOR A MISSION - The Love Movement of Jesus -  To love God, love people and to GO into your world and make disciples! 

Find a partner and register below! (if you do not have a partner, you will paired during the training).  

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