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In January 2010, Clearpoint Church embarked on a 21-Day Prayer and Fasting Journey that profoundly changed our lives.  We have continued to make corporate prayer and fasting a regular practice at the beginning of each year.  We invite you to come along with us in January 2024, as we seek the Lord together through prayer, fasting and personal devotion to Him.  


Participating in the 21-Day Prayer and Fasting Journey is a great way to reset your spiritual compass and experience a fresh and new commitment to God in every area of your life.  To prepare and inform you for the fast, this guide will answer many questions about fasting and provides a 21-Day Calendar to follow for each day.  The 21 Days begins Sunday, January 7th.  We break the fast Sunday, January 28th. 


I believe a 21-Day commitment to Fasting and Prayer will provide a whole new experience for you in your walk with Christ and His Body. 


May God continue to bless you and us as you seek Him! 


In This Together!


Brian Lambert

Lead Pastor

Download Fasting Guide Here

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