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evan christopherson


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Contact Evan:

Phone:  281-991-9700


Hello! My name is Evan Christopherson. I received my bachelor’s degree in Christianity from Houston Baptist University and a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Youth and Family Ministry from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. I have an amazing wife and daughters who I love more than words can describe. I felt called to youth ministry at a very young age. Going through life as a Junior High student and seeing God’s hand at work in my life planted a strong desire to pursue a career in youth ministry. In my free time, I enjoy watching Houston sports and getting into fun adventures! I thank God for the ministry opportunities that he has given me. I do not thank Him for rush-hour traffic, Jack-in-the-Box commercials, or washing machines that steal my socks…I’m still pondering on why these things exist.


Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook! Instagram: @evan_christopherson | Facebook: Evan Christopherson


How Long have you served on Staff at Clearpoint Church?

I began serving on staff at Clearpoint in April of 2018.


What’s Your Role? 

 I am the Youth Pastor of students 6th – 12th Grade.


What’s Your Goal? (the vision for your ministry that you want to communicate to others):

Acts 1:1 talks about the things that Jesus began to do and to teach while he was on earth. Jesus taught us what it means to have your life transformed by the gospel and how to become a fully devoted disciple of Christ. But he didn’t just teach these things. He modeled them and he did it through the avenue of relational ministry. He chose twelve disciples to live in close community with and demonstrated love to all people. In Matthew 12 Jesus even refers to his disciples as his family! At Refuge, we don’t want to just come together on Wednesday nights and hear a good message and play fun games. We want to follow Jesus’ example and live in close community with each other. We don’t consider ourselves to just be friends, we consider ourselves a family. And we would love to have you join the family!

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