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When you witness something significant, it can change your life. There are some things in my life I have witnessed that have definitely changed mine. Some of those experiences are ingrained in my mind and in who I am. Some of those experiences are extremely negative, hurtful and painful. On the other hand, some have been the greatest experiences a person could have! The positives and negatives have made me who I am today.

Jesus' disciples were eye-witnesses to the greatest event in human history. THE RESURRECTION of CHRIST! However, they also experienced some very painful moments with Christ as well, his arrest, betrayal, and his death and burial. All after a life-changing three years following him, watching him, learning from him, Loving him!

In Acts 1:8, after his resurrection and just before his ascension, Jesus said to the disciples,

"But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." (Act 1:8 NKJ)

Jesus is saying, you saw something and you experienced something with me for 3 years and then you witnessed something only a few people saw – my resurrection The Gospel is on you… The Gospel is in your. The Gospel is yours. I have entrusted this to you. You are indebted to it. It is part of who you are. YOU ARE MY WITNESSES!

That's who they were and that's who we are to be - HIS WITNESSES!

How are we His witnesses? What have we seen him do? And...the greatest question - What have you seen him do in you?

Start with your own personal experience - Your story of how he resurrected you from death to Life.

Take a few minutes and do the following:

  1. Take out your phone, go to your app store – search "Life Conversations"

  2. · Download the app (3 red circles)

  3. Watch the video below and listen intently.

Now, Answer these questions:

  1. What "circle" fits the stage of life I am in right now?

  2. Have declared Christ as my Savior and Lord

  3. Is my life living proof, that he has raised me from death to life?

Practice writing your story (follow these 4 simple steps):

  • My life becoming a Christian was like this:

  • This is the way I realized I needed to follow Jesus:

  • These are the details of how I actually accepted Christ:

  • This is what it means to me to be a Christian:

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