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Fasting Devotional – Day Seventeen Text: II Kings 15:32-38 Written by: Dawn Houston


Jotham became King at the age of 25 and reigned for sixteen years in Jerusalem. Verses 34-35 sum up his reign. He did what was right in the sight of the Lord. However, the high places were not removed so the people continued to sacrifice and burn incense to pagan gods. King Jotham was a godly man and King, but were lives changed under his influence? Did he draw others to the One True God? His God?


God impressed upon me two things I need to look at in my life after reading about King Jotham.

· One: Do I have any high places in my life that need to be torn down? Anything I am putting above or in place of the Lord? Ps. 144:2 The Lord is my High Tower. The only one worthy of my attention, devotion, and time.

· Two: Do I lead others to the One True God and help them recognize the high towers that need to be torn down in their lives?

Our goal should always be restoration for ourselves and other believers. Love must be our guide. Prayerfully seek the Lord in how to help others.


Lord, I pray that you show us the areas we need to tear down in our own lives. Help us be a people that does what is right in your sight so that we may lead others to reconciliation with you. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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