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Day Six: Forgive Us

Fasting Devotional Day Six: Friday, January 7, 2022 Text: Matthew 6:12 and forgive our debts, as we forgive our debtors.By Todd Houston


As we continue to meditate on the model prayer Jesus gave us, we come to Matthew 6:12. Some versions say, “forgive us our debts” and some say, “forgive us our sins.” You may think “Why the Difference?” or even “What is the Difference?” I think Jesus is saying as we have spiritual debts because of our sin nature and our disobedience to His commands, that God forgives when we ask and are trusting in Jesus as the payment of our sin debt. Just as God forgives us then we are called and even expected to do the same for others.

People are going to disappoint, kids are going to disobey, angry & hurting people may lash out, and you may even be hurt by a close friend or family member. I know it hurts and you need to protect yourself from any abuses. Our human tendency is to hold a grudge and even possibly lash out, but God has a different nature which He demonstrates to us. He knows that holding onto anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness only hurts us in the long run. He created us in his image to be like Him. Therefore, Jesus reminds if we want to receive the forgiveness of the Father then we in turn need to forgive others in the same way we want to be forgiven. In Matthew 6:14 it even says that God’s forgiveness is contingent and even in proportion to the forgiveness He sees us extend to others. Are you willing to be forgiven by God the way you forgive others?


Today, think about those that have slighted, hurt, or even abused you. Make a list if needed and then choose forgiveness. Don’t wait for them to initiate or apologize, just forgive as you want God to forgive you. Let Jesus remove the weight of that burden from your heart. Choose love instead and experience the unconditional love and forgiveness our Heavenly Father offers in return.

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