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Fasting Devotional – Day Thirteen Text: I Kings 22:42-46 Written by: Angie Brod

Thoughts Don’t give up! Don’t quit! You can do this! You started strong! You tackled this Daniel Fast with great enthusiasm. You sought God, you did the research, purchased the food, and tackled the cooking. (So much cooking!!!) You have devoted more time to prayer and reading the Bible. But this is Day 13 and you may find yourself becoming weary and distracted. It’s a lot of work and you miss the foods that you have always enjoyed. Good heavens! The temptation to quite is real!

King Jehoshaphat started strong. We read briefly about him in 1 Kings but can read more detail about his reign in 2 Chronicles chapters 17-20. 2 Chronicles records that King Jehoshaphat “was deeply committed to the ways of the LORD.” He sent teachers into all the towns of Judah to teach the Book of the Law, he destroyed places of idol worship, he appointed faithful judges, and he kept peace in the land. But as we continue to read we see that King Jehoshaphat compromised. He made alliances with God’s enemies, “He failed to remove all the pagan shrines and the people never fully committed to follow God.” He lost focus.


The challenge for us is to keep going, to finish strong! Don’t give in to the temptation to compromise. Let’s renew our commitment to walk by faith each step of the way in the Lord’s power. Seek His face and receive all the blessings of the Holy Spirit. As we focus on the Lord, feasting on His Word, and trusting Him with the most basic area of what we eat and drink, God will show up! Hang in there!


Father, give me the strength to keep going and the resolve to not give in to the temptation to quit or compromise, but to stay committed to you each step of the way. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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