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Fasting Devotional – Day Eleven

Text: I Kings 14:1-31 Written by: LeChelle Smith


While the author of 1 Kings cannot be known for certain, the scripture in Chapter 14 speaks for itself about the relationship God desires with us. The scripture uses King Jeroboam’s and King Rehoboam’s reigns to bring to light the rebellious nature of Israel and Judah. We know that God is a jealous God, and by building metal altars and sacred pillars, there will be consequences. In this case, the consequences were Jeroboam’s son’s death along with the destruction of King Jeroboam’s and King Rehoboam’s kingdoms. This is why it is so important to be aware of our current “high places”. While they may not be “altars”, they can be things of today such as television or social media.

Another thing that spoke to me is how Jeroboam instructed his wife to disguise herself. When Ahijah asked her “Why are you pretending to be someone else?” It made me think how many times we have done that ourselves. Just as Jeroboam’s wife could not hide her identity from Ahijah we cannot disguise ourselves to God either. We owe it to God and ourselves to be authentic and “real” with God, for he already knows.

In the end, the Kings actively took part in or tolerated false idols or false selves (i.e., High places) and God's anger was shown as a result.


What “high places” are you “taking part in or tolerating” today? What can you do to begin to remove those “high places” and be your authentic self?


Lord, I humbly come before you and thank you for your wisdom and guidance. Please open my eyes to the “high places” I have put before you and forgive me for not being intentional and actively removing the “high places”. I ask for your wisdom, discernment, and boldness to take action to be my authentic self and focus on you and what you have called me to do. In Jesus' name, Amen!

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