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Fasting Devotional – Day Fourteen

Text: II Kings 12:1-5 Written by: Chris Hall


In today’s passage, we get another “but the high places…” which is then followed by a passage on collecting funds for repairing the temple. Why the quick transition to money? Money is a high place for a lot of people, and they will get absolutely furious when anything threatens it. After all, isn’t it nice to see a large number in your bank account? I, with pride, stated that my emergency fund would cover anything that could happen. I also prayed that if there was something God wanted me to learn that I was being foolish in, that He should show me a billboard. Apparently, I was so foolishly keeping money in a high place that I deserved a thorough beating with said billboard. The emergency fund became the plea to God for the bills to stop coming.

Do you want to remove money from a high place? Give it to God. It’s impossible for something truly given to God to be used for anything other than His Good. We are called to support and fix problems within the Church. Yes, the church building should be well kept, but that isn’t the Church. Every believer is part of the Church and is the Church. We are to take care of not only our needs, but the needs of the Church.


1. Redo your budget. Put giving to God on the first line (on the highest place!). It’s so much easier to give when you make it your financial high place.

2. Pray to have someone to financially bless, bless them, and let the Lord take credit. It may not be a lot, but five dollars is a lot when you have nothing and need five dollars.

3. Is your faith in money or God?


Our Heavenly Father, we recognize your Holy Glory and the beauty of your Kingdom. We ask you to open our eyes to the high places money may reside in our life and teach us how to give with joy to bring your Earthly Church closer to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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