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Fasting Devotional – Day Nine Text: I Kings 11:1-12 Written by: Greg Dickerson


The cumulation of Solomon’s life could be summarized as a brilliant light that faded into darkness. He had so many great and inspiring moments, but slowly, over time, his heart turned away from God to worship detestable idols. Solomon’s ultimate downfall didn’t happen in one instant; it started in subtle ways. Reading Deuteronomy 17:14-20, we find the requirements and expectations of the Kings of Israel, and of all of them, Solomon failed to obey. It started with an alliance with Egypt through marriage (1 Kings 3:1), then progressed to the accumulation of horses and such wealth, making Elon Musk look poor (1 Kings 10:26-28). His ultimate downfall, which led his heart to worship idols, started with each marriage to his many foreign wives. An astonishing 1,000 wives, which is crazy!

No one wakes up and immediately becomes an alcoholic, drug addict, adulterer, gossiper, abuser, or idol worshiper. It takes root with one tiny seed of sin that grows until it’s a huge tree that is taking over our entire garden. Sin can be like the Lays potato chip commercial, “you can’t eat just one.” Everyone (pastors, laypersons, missionaries, or everyday people) is susceptible to a lifestyle of sin and huge mistakes. Even after being warned by God, Solomon still chose to disobey. We have to be on guard for the tiny “except that” sins that slowly creep into our lives that can eventually progress into destruction and darkness.


What micro-sins are you still holding on to or not giving up? What enormous sins are lurking around the corner that, if you don’t get help now, could destroy your life, marriage, career, or family? Confess, seek help, and ask God to destroy the idols you have placed in the “high places” that keep you from knowing Jesus in a closer relationship.


God, please help us heed your warnings that we may obey your commands. Please give us the strength and courage to get the help we need to overcome and be free from the sins that so easily entangle us. May we walk in your love and know that no matter what sin we have committed, your arms are open to receive us again. Help me continue to praise you along this journey. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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