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fast 2021: day 4

In Matthew 5, Jesus went up on a high mountain, sat down with his disciples, and began to teach. The Sermon on the Mount was Jesus’ straight-up – no gimmicks teaching about Kingdom Life. He was eager to teach, they were eager to learn and eager to follow (at least at this point). He first taught them about mindsets or attitudes of the heart. They were learning that Kingdom Life begins with the Transformation of the heart. The natural heart of man is not just anti–God, it is hostile toward God. But, Kingdom Life is a journey of heart transformation seeing the old man being made new, day by day.

This is your greatest challenge because everything in life is fighting for your heart, for your allegiance, and for your affection. So, if you are going to follow Jesus and if He is going to be Lord and King of your life, then you must understand that it will be a battle! The enemy will use everything in our culture to present make propositions, to attempt to win you over! Our responses are rooted deep in our hearts in our mindsets and attitudes and will determine the level of transformation and victory we experience.

Consider these Six Attitudes/Actions that Block Transformation:

  1. Personal Blindness: Blindspots are the aspects of ourselves we aren't fully aware of. Traits, values, quirks, habits, thoughts, beliefs, etc.

  2. Attitude of Competition: Individualism - Every man for himself, selfishness, self-centeredness.

  3. Pursuit of Power and Greatness: Fight for control and authority

  4. Spirit of Anger: hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, brokenness

  5. Heart of Vengeance: Hurt, harm, retaliation

  6. Dishonesty & Hypocrisy: Lying, stealing, cheating

That's just five. There are many more!

Pray and ask God to reveal them to you and to give you the boldness and courage to face them and defeat them!

When Jesus wins the affection and allegiance of your heart, old things pass away and, behold, all things become new and the light you were created to be will begin to shine and illuminate the world around you!

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